DJ Mahogany


DJ Mahogany is an International DJ currently residing in Central Europe. Originally from Brooklyn New York she creates elegant genre defying soundscapes, that are skillfull, unpredictable and results in a captivating musical experience.

Adept at catering to the discriminating taste of private clientele, her presentation, professionalism and overall client relations is just as important to her as the music. “The most important thing a DJ does is set the mood, this includes being and looking professional”. Standing at 6’3” she is visually striking and sonically masterful in creating sets. She has crafted mixes to fit the specialized needs and tastes of art, celebrity, nightlife, fashion and corporate cultures.

Utilizing just a simple laptop and a controller she can set-up anywhere in minutes and get to the business of entertaining your audience.

When asked what type of music she plays her response is always “Good Music”, whatever that encompasses is what I play. The genre doesn’t matter I literally have mixed classical with hip hop, world beats with rock and everything in between.



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